An ‘Oracle’ is a ‘wise-advisor’

True to the genesis of its name, Oracles constitutes outstanding professionals associated with the field of landscape architecture, geared towards providing site planning, landscape design and construction administration services.

Nature and its myriad patterns and processes

…has by far been the supreme inspiration in the conception of designed environment. An ode to this reality forms the basis of our philosophy. Our work strives to integrate the physical, cultural and spiritual flow of thoughts and processes associated with open spaces and built form.

Context defines our work

Each site bears testimony to the physical, biological and cultural history as layers that define its identity, waiting to be discerned. Our strongest concern lies in evolving a unique design vocabulary that is highly responsive to the context.

Philosophical inspiration

“What is important is to keep our mind high in the world of true understanding, and returning to the world of daily experience to seek therein the truth of beauty. No matter what we may be doing at a given moment, we must not forget that it has a bearing upon our everlasting self, which is poetry.”

– Matsuo Basho