‘Oracles’, a conscientious Architecture and Landscape Consultancy Service, celebrates design as a source of delight and a means to craft sensory experiences in life and its environment. We foster and thrive in opportunities to pull nature creatively into arenas of human activity. Landscape is life. Lives are lived in landscape. Therefore, we look at architecture and urbanism through the lens of landscape. To us, indoors and outdoors, built and open, diffuse into one another, without boundaries, representing a ceaseless continuum manifested through sensitive site-planning. In our worldview, design must inspire awe, be functionally relevant and represent a confluence of sustainability and style.

Our concepts display a keen sense of innovation and design thinking, addressing the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of conceiving places for people, inspired from natural and cultural processes, manifesting as meaningful, significant settings poised within unique contexts.

In terms of scale, we delve into gardens, complexes as well as regions, holistically looking at each of these situations as repositories of multiple values. With regards to scope, our work ranges from design, planning, renewal and conservation. We are adept at handling private and corporate gated enclaves as reflections of the identity of their promoters and users. At the same time, our public realm projects display rooted, sensible and thematic urbanism.

We have had extensive design experience in conceptualizing and delivering projects in the domains of residential, hospitality, business, commerce, culture, transportation and the public realm. Our teams are equipped to offer consolidated design and planning consultancy services spanning across project lifecycles from inception to construction administration.

With intense gratitude to those who trust us with their sites and resources, we continue to strive for excellence. We do not rest over past laurels. Today is a new day and our best is yet to come. The past was only a practice in conviction to achieve what awaits its emergence!


Architecture and Landscape Design

  • Site appraisal and suitability
  • Site planning, spatial organisation and design of movement systems
  • Architectural conception, built form and layouts
  • Open space design including hard and soft landscape
  • Landform and grading
  • Surface drainage, water management and illumination strategies
  • Integration of Structural design and Services
  • Nature-based solutions and Green Infrastructure
  • Graphic design and signage advisory

Landscape Planning and Urban Design

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Evaluation and Environmental Assessment
  • Urban Structure Planning
  • Multi-modal Movement and Streetscape Design
  • Analysis of Architectural character, Social issues and Cultural Heritage
  • Volumetric Studies and Urban Form Recommendations
  • Architectural Controls and Public Realm Policies
  • Planning and integration of Services-infrastructure and Utilities
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Design of public open spaces, parks, piazzas

Cultural Heritage

  • Heritage listing
  • Site appraisal and SWOT analysis
  • Status reports, risk assessment and damage profiling
  • Development of planning goals and formulation of policies
  • Development of integrated master-plan proposals and action plans
  • Conservation, Preservation and strategies for Adaptive Reuse
  • Detailed Landscape Design proposals
  • Integration of Infrastructure, Services, Lighting, Graphic Design and Signage